About The Course

Once you learn how to re-define success, your musical career will start to fall into place...

This course will show you how to be a successful musician on the side, despite common obstacles like lack of time, difficulty focusing, a small budget, and the all-too-common crippling self-doubt.
About The Course

What You'll Learn

  • Re-define Success

    You'll learn about a whole new way to to see this thing we call "success"

  • Practical Steps

    Then you'll learn things you can do TODAY to move toward your success

  • Tips & Tools

    You'll also get tips for songwriting more efficiently, recording better music, and managing time

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About Me

Caleb J. Murphy / Songwriter & Producer

I live in Austin, Tx., with my wife and two kids and I work during the day as a writer. I've been releasing music since 2009, including a few EPs, a couple full-length albums, and a bunch of singles. So I've had a lot of experience failing, learning, and succeeding.
About Me